Jamie Chase "Anthology"

Abstract Figurative Work

August 27 - September 9, 2010

Artist's Reception, Friday, August 27 5-7 pm

Jamie Chase
As a painter, I am linked to a history of visual storytelling that may seem almost archaic in our high-tech society, and yet because image-making has such deep roots in the human psyche, its instinct continues to move through us.

The path of an artist is not only... witnessing our life in the world but also yearning to participate in the mystery of creation, the telling of the story... [which] remains one of revealing a dialogue between interior perception and exterior reflection. We all leave footprints of our journey... Some tracks lead to undiscovered territory, others revisit familiar ground with new layers of insight. All are records of living, artifacts of process, time and motion suspended for a moment of reflection.

At every step of the journey are choices, which can be met in turn with infinite degrees of doubt and grace, resistance and surrender, reaction and initiation. The quest - to find transcendence within the boundaries of flesh and matter, to see unity within the paradox, to turn the war into a dance.

The envelope is being pushed from within and without. Faith is essential.

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